The Color Guessing Game

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The game where you can both test how quickly you can type out color names, and how imaginative you dare to be.

Ebyan the game designer, worked on this project during his free time and asked me to make some music for it once he had created a demo for me to play. Immediately I began to picture the look and feel of it in my head. I wanted to capture the spaciousness but also add some emotion to it all. I started to plug in sounds with the electribe while watching the colors swirl around on my moniter. First the bassline, then the beat, it all started to fill in but then I had to stop myself from adding too many parts. I wanted to keep it minimal so that the player wouldn’t be overwhelmed by the music while there trying to think of new colors. So i created a one minute build in intensity as the timer counts down. Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think.

The Game

The Developers website


The Petri Dish experience

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Petri Dish was created at the Orlando global Game Jam on Jan 27th-29th 2011

I created an original track and all the sound effects for the game within the 48 hour time constraint. It was an amazing experience. I felt an overwhelming rush of creativity as i was surrounded by laptops filled with pages of code, graphic artists churning out sprites, huge decked out computers and a unified and relentless drive to create a game. On the 20th hour I found myself gargling water and turning knobs trying to perfect the sound of an amoebas death. Then suddenly one of the programmers scream in excitement “the grid works!!!!”. I run over to his monitor and witness the characters moving on the grid for the first time. I immediately ran to my drum machine and jammed out the tune that would help guide the artistic direction, look and, feel of the game. As each additional piece was added to the programing a new sound was created until we simply ran out of time. As the 48th hour dawned on us we all exhaled in relief as we saw are final product in action.

Structure Failing

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So there i was listening to my washing machine grind and vibrate, comcast lost its signal and there was a loud white noise coming out of the living room. I began to think to myself… “i can use that”. I tweaked my Electribe till it was ready to explode, added some industrial rhythm then i got the song posted below!

The infamous coastal prairie trail

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Thanks to my handy classroom recorder and a digital camera I was able to capture a friends phobia in full force as we were avoiding pygmy rattlesnakes like land mines. I then preceded to chop up the samples the best i could although some aren’t that great in quality. Influenced by sample based hip hop, i tried my best to create a track that captured the fear and paranoia of our nighttime hiking experience.


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This Track was made in the wake of Ultra. The afterglow of the previous nights revelry still in my heart and on my mind. I was inspired to make a dance song, but i wanted it to be different. I wanted to make a song that deconstructed itself and turned into something different halfway through. I performed this song for the first time at Churchill’s pub for the 2010 Noise Conference.